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Microblading FAQ


What is the difference between this and microblading?

The biggest difference is this method does not scar your skin - microblading likely will. Microblading is done by making small cuts in the skin using a manual blade-like tool. Since it's a manual tool, the results are very inconsistent - the cut has to be SO precise and perfect for it to heal properly, along with a perfectly mixed pigment color to ensure you don't heal ashy (gray/blue). Even with perfect technique, microblading will eventually cause scarring because you simply cannot cut the same spot in the skin over and over again, especially our delicate facial skin. The technique I use is done using a tattoo machine. The color is achieved by tons of tiny punctures making tons of tiny dots, layered in the skin to eventually achieve the look of soft powdered makeup. Since it's a machine, the results are much more controlled, consistent, and predictable.  

How long do powder brows last?

Every person will have different results. It’s a very common misconception that these types of services are semi-permanent, but this isn’t the case... this is a tattoo, it's permanent with the exception that the pigment will fade and lighten over time, but it does not completely fade out of the skin. Your skin’s natural exfoliation, your skincare routine, and your lifestyle play a significant role in the longevity of your brows. Mineral based SPF is your best friend. I recommend maintenance touch ups about once a year. 

Does it hurt?

I use two kinds of numbing agents (5% lidocaine) throughout the procedure to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, I cannot predict how well your skin will respond to the lidocaine.

What does the whole process entail?

This is a two-session procedure. The first session will include a thorough consultation, brow design, and tattooing. To design the brows, I use your facial features, bone structure, and natural brow shape. I won’t tattoo you until you’re 100% confident and comfortable with the shape! After about 2 months, you'll come back for a touch up to address any fading and shape or color adjustments if necessary. Please keep in mind that no two brows will ever match perfectly! Our bone structure and facial features are asymmetrical, as well as our brows. I can match them as closely as possible, but perfection is not my style of work. I believe that it’s the small imperfections that make us look most natural and beautiful.

What is the healing process like?

General aftercare is to keep them clean and as dry as possible between cleanings. In depth aftercare instructions are given at your first appointment. Here is a day by day breakdown of what to expect:

Day of: Tender, red, slightly swollen. Brows may appear auburn.

Day after: Tender, red, possibly a little swollen. Shape looks bold, sharp, and dark like makeup.

Day 3-4: Redness and tenderness start to subside, brows start to feel rough and tight

Day 5-10: Itching & peeling will start, resembles dry skin.

Day 10-14: Scabbing and peeling should be finished, brows may look light and "milky"

Day 30: Surface is healed, color is true.

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