Microblading FAQ


I had my brows done by someone else but I want you to do them next!

In person consultations are required before deciding your best options. Please fill out the form under the "Contact Me" tab and I will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

How long does it last?

Every person will have different results. It’s a very common misconception that these types of services are semi-permanent, but this isn’t the case. Sometimes the tattoo will completely fade away, and other times it won’t. What it will do is gradually fade over time. It’s impossible to predict how quickly your brows will fade, even if the technique is near perfect. Your skin’s natural exfoliation, your skincare routine, and your lifestyle play a significant role in the longevity of your brows. I recommend maintenance touch ups about once a year. 

Does it hurt?

I use two kinds of numbing agents (5% lidocaine) throughout the procedure to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, I cannot predict how well your skin will respond to the lidocaine.

What is the process like?

This is a two-session procedure. The first session will include a thorough consultation, brow design, and tattooing. To design the brows, I use your facial features, bone structure, and natural brow shape. I won’t tattoo you until you’re 100% confident and comfortable with the shape! After about 2 months, you come back for a touch up to address any fading and shape or color adjustments if necessary. Please keep in mind that no two brows will ever match perfectly! Our bone structure and facial features are asymmetrical, as well as our brows. I can match them as closely as possible, but perfection is not my style of work. I believe that it’s the small imperfections that make us look most natural and beautiful.

What is the healing like?

General aftercare is to keep them clean and as dry as possible between cleanings. In depth aftercare instructions are given at your first appointment. Here is a day by day breakdown of what to expect:

Day of: Tender, red, slightly swollen. Brows may appear auburn.

Day after: Tender, still reddish, possibly a little swollen – could make brows appear uneven. Shape looks bold, sharp, and dark like makeup. Don't panic :)

Day 3-4: Redness and tenderness start to subside, brows start to feel rough and tight

Day 5-10: Itching & peeling will start, resembles dry skin. Dark scabs combined with healed spots may cause the brows to look patchy. Spots could heal too light - don't worry, these spots will be filled at the touch up.

Day 14: Scabbing and peeling should be finished, brows may look too light. Makeup can be worn if needed.

Day 30: Surface is healed, color is true.

What can I do to extend the longevity of my brows?

The most important rule during healing is to avoid sweating! Don't sweat for at least a week after getting your brows done. Sun exposure and skincare routine will also play a significant role. Always apply an SPF to your brows to prevent excess fading. Even with an SPF, brows will still fade quicker if you have prolonged sun exposure (vacations, tanning beds). Brows also fade because of natural skin exfoliation. If you get frequent facials, specifically chemical peels, be sure to ask the service provider to avoid the brows.