Pricing + Policies


Powder Brow $500:

$50 non-refundable deposit - an invoice is sent after you schedule

First initial session - $400 - your deposit will be applied, remaining balance is $350

Required second session (6-12 weeks after the first) - $100

Powder maintenance touch ups:

Up to 8 months from last touch up - $100

8-14 months from last touch up - $150+*

14+ months from last touch up - $200+*

*Excessive fading may result in additional charges or touch ups

*All services are subject to sales tax*

48 hours’ notice is required to reschedule, or you forfeit the deposit and will pay a new one to rebook -

if a deposit was not made, a $50 fee will be applied at the rescheduled appointment.

Late arrivals will reschedule and forfeit the deposit.

**Children and family/friends are not permitted, please arrive alone.**


If you have concerns of an allergic reaction, please request a patch test.




*Anyone with an autoimmune disease that affects the healing of injuries or wounds must have a doctor's note per Ohio Law.

Clients I do not accept:

Sun damaged skin, pregnant or breastfeeding women (wait 8-12 weeks after breastfeeding), uncontrolled diabetic, chemo/radiation in the last 12 months, Accutane treatment within the last 6-12 months, any skin condition (eczema, psoriasis, etc.) on the neck and above. If you're unsure, ask your doctor!