Skin Prep + Post Care

First things first: Don't sweat for at least a week after getting your brows done. June-August/September are pretty hot, so if you're naturally warmer, I recommend waiting until its cool outside to get your brows done. Year round, taking at least a week off from the gym is highly recommended during healing - even a small amount of salt water (sweat) could cause fading, especially if you're light-haired (meaning we used a lighter pigment color). Speaking of pigment color, you need to have untanned skin when you come in for your first session so that I can choose the best pigment shade based on your skin tone. Please avoid prolonged sun exposure for the last month leading up to your appointment.

-For the week leading up to your appointment, plan your skincare routine to be as gentle as possible - don't exfoliate or use any harsh masks or leave-on products. Discontinue skincare containing Vitamin A/retinoids from eyes up.

-Four weeks prior: No electrolysis or anything similar, chemical peels, or Botox (at LEAST 14 days).


Expect brows to heal similar to a tattoo - do not book appointments within 2 weeks of an event.

Scabbing and flaking lasts for 7-14 days.