Skin Prep + Post Care


-Most importantly, do not sweat for about 7-10 days after each appointment. Sweat is salt, and salt will eat away at the pigment, causing the brows to significantly fade and heal patchy and uneven.

-If you are a smoker, have sun damage, or tan heavily, you are not a candidate for cosmetic tattooing. Skin that is deprived of oxygen and elasticity will likely heal gray, blue, and ashy. Please trust me on this! I would hate to have to turn you away at your appointment.

-On the day of your brow appointment, please arrive with little to no makeup on your forehead and eyes. Mascara and liner is okay, but do not wear eyeshadow. Feel free to pencil in brows as you normally would wear them.

-A week prior to your appointment, please wax/tweeze/thread brows as normal. I do not tweeze or wax brows before tattooing them!

-Four weeks leading up to your appointment, plan your skincare routine to be as gentle as possible - don't over exfoliate or use any harsh masks or leave-on products. This is so important! Discontinue skincare containing Vitamin A/retinoids from the eyes up. No electrolysis, lasers, etc., chemical peels, or Botox. All of these services increase the skin's sensitivity. In order to have the best healed results, your skin needs to be as desensitized as possible.


Expect brows to heal similar to a tattoo - do not book appointments within 2 weeks of an important event. In-depth aftercare instructions are given at your appointment.