I no longer offer microblading. Here's why...


I know my website and Instagram were super confusing for the majority of 2019. I talked about 3 different techniques, but here’s the 100% honest truth: microblading is not all that great for the skin in the long run. You simply cannot cut the same spot in the skin time and time again. As a business owner and service provider, the long run is my top priority. I will follow that up with this: there’s a time and place for microblading, and it’s 100% based on your skin type - the ideal skin type for microblading is someone in their 20s with clear, firm skin. Because of this, my focus is the powder technique because not a lot of us have that perfect skin type. Powder is great for almost all skin types because I’m not cutting, it’s tiny punctures done with a permanent makeup machine (a tattoo machine, basically).


That all being said, powder brows is NOT hair strokes. It’s not completely solid, either. Have you ever colored your brows and the color stained your skin? It's a similar effect! The tops and centers are soft and gradient - that way, the tattoo can age gracefully. I can achieve more symmetry and a better shape for you by doing this technique. If you’re specifically looking for hair strokes, I am sorry, but I’m not the artist for you. Photos of my work can only be found on Instagram, @alisonhaseleybrows.

I hope this answers your questions! If you have further questions, please fill out the form under the "Contact Me" tab.